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November 26, 2007


Curt C

Both a projector and flat panel in the same room! Wow, now that's an entertainment room! I noticed you were going for 50+ and were worried about foot traffic. Have you considered one of the newer DLP's? They are much less than either the plasma or LCD and some of the newer Samsung's are less than 11 inches thick. I just thought I'd mention it since my eye tends to favor DLP screens over plasma.

Avi Greengart


The LCoS was already just 15" deep, so one of the newer thin DLP rear projection sets didn't make sense - if I couldn't get something that could be mounted on the wall and still protrude just 4" - 5", it wouldn't be enough of an improvement.

The philosophy behind the dual displays is pretty simple: we watch TV with the lights on, we watch movies with the lights off. TV pictures are measured in inches, while movies ought to be measured in feet. :)


atlanta home theater

You mentioned:
"Conspiracy theory, or just plain retail incompetence?"

I agree with you it could go both ways...
On one hand they probably have $8.00 hr kids hooking up all of the equipment in these stores.

On the other hand...it just might be a conspiracy theory to sell 1080p TV's.

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